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Delete a directory and report errors.

explain_rmdir_or_die(3)              Library Functions Manual             explain_rmdir_or_die(3)

NAME explain_rmdir_or_die - delete a directory and report errors
SYNOPSIS #include <libexplain/rmdir.h> void explain_rmdir_or_die(const char *pathname);
DESCRIPTION The explain_rmdir_or_die function is used to call the rmdir(2) system call. On failure an explanation will be printed to stderr, obtained from explain_rmdir(3), and then the process terminates by calling exit(EXIT_FAILURE). This function is intended to be used in a fashion similar to the following example: explain_rmdir_or_die(pathname); pathname The pathname, exactly as to be passed to the rmdir(2) system call. Returns: This function only returns on success. On failure, prints an explanation and exits.
SEE ALSO rmdir(2) delete a directory explain_rmdir(3) explain rmdir(2) errors exit(2) terminate the calling process
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explain_rmdir_or_die(3) referred by explain(3)
refer to _exit(2) | explain_rmdir(3) | rmdir(2)