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Robust sending of e-mail to external commands.

EXTSMAIL(1)                        BSD General Commands Manual                        EXTSMAIL(1)

NAME extsmail — robust sending of e-mail to external commands
SYNOPSIS extsmail [options ...]
DESCRIPTION extsmail masquerades as the standard UNIX sendmail(1) when messages are sent; effectively, it notes the command line switches passed to it, and puts those, and the message contents read from stdin, into a file in a spool directory for later sending with extsmaild(1).
SEE ALSO extsmail.conf(5), extsmail.externals(5), extsmaild(1)
AUTHORS extsmail was written by Laurence Tratt <>
BSD November 2, 2008 BSD
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extsmail(1) referred by extsmail.conf(5) | extsmail.externals(5) | extsmaild(1)
refer to extsmail.conf(5) | extsmail.externals(5) | extsmaild(1) | sendmail(1)