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Fabric errors.

fi_errno(3) @VERSION@ fi_errno(3)


fi_errno - fabric errors fi_strerror - Convert fabric error into a printable string


#include <rdma/fi_errno.h> const char *fi_strerror(int errno);


FI_ENOENT : No such file or directory. FI_EIO : I/O error FI_E2BIG : Argument list too long. FI_EBADF : Bad file number. FI_EAGAIN : Try again. FI_ENOMEM : Out of memory. FI_EACCES : Permission denied. FI_EBUSY : Device or resource busy FI_ENODEV : No such device FI_EINVAL : Invalid argument FI_EMFILE : Too many open files FI_ENOSPC : No space left on device FI_ENOSYS : Function not implemented FI_ENOMSG : No message of desired type FI_ENODATA : No data available FI_EMSGSIZE : Message too long FI_ENOPROTOOPT : Protocol not available FI_EOPNOTSUPP : Operation not supported on transport endpoint FI_EADDRINUSE : Address already in use FI_EADDRNOTAVAIL : Cannot assign requested address FI_ENETDOWN : Network is down FI_ENETUNREACH : Network is unreachable FI_ECONNABORTED : Software caused connection abort FI_ECONNRESET : Connection reset by peer FI_EISCONN : Transport endpoint is already connected FI_ENOTCONN : Transport endpoint is not connected FI_ESHUTDOWN : Cannot send after transport endpoint shutdown FI_ETIMEDOUT : Operation timed out FI_ECONNREFUSED : Connection refused FI_EHOSTUNREACH : No route to host FI_EALREADY : Operation already in progress FI_EINPROGRESS : Operation now in progress FI_EREMOTEIO : Remote I/O error FI_ECANCELED : Operation Canceled FI_ENOKEY : Required key not available FI_EKEYREJECTED : Key was rejected by service FI_EOTHER : Unspecified error FI_ETOOSMALL : Provided buffer is too small FI_EOPBADSTATE : Operation not permitted in current state FI_EAVAIL : Error available FI_EBADFLAGS : Flags not supported FI_ENOEQ : Missing or unavailable event queue FI_EDOMAIN : Invalid resource domain FI_ENOCQ : Missing or unavailable completion queue




Libfabric Programmer's Manual 2016-02-28 fi_errno(3)
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fi_errno(3) referred by fi_strerror(1)
refer to fabric(7)
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