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Set up custom filter actions.

Built 06 May 2015
firehol-action(5)                             2.0.3                             firehol-action(5)

NAME firehol-action - set up custom filter actions
SYNOPSIS action chain name action
DESCRIPTION The action helper command creates an iptables(8) chain which can be used to control the action of other firewall rules once the firewall is running. For example, you can setup the custom action ACT1, which by default is ACCEPT, but can be dynamically changed to DROP, REJECT or RETURN (and back) without restarting the firewall. The name can be any chain name accepted by iptables. You should try to keep it within 5 and 10 characters. Note The names created with this command are case-sensitive. The action can be any of those supported by FireHOL (see firehol-actions(5)). Only ACCEPT, REJECT, DROP, RETURN have any meaning in this instance.
EXAMPLES To create a custom chain and have some rules use it: action chain ACT1 accept interface any world server smtp ACT1 client smtp ACT1 Once the firewall is running you can dynamically modify the behaviour of the chain from the Linux command-line, as detailed below: To insert a DROP action at the start of the chain to override the default action (ACCEPT): iptables -t filter -I ACT1 -j DROP To delete the DROP action from the start of the chain to return to the default action: iptables -t filter -D ACT1 -j DROP Note If you delete all of the rules in the chain, the default will be to RETURN, in which case the behaviour will be as if any rules with the action were not present in the configuration file. You can also create multiple chains simultaneously. To create 3 ACCEPT and 3 DROP chains you can do the following: action chain "ACT1 ACT2 ACT3" accept action chain "ACT4 ACT5 ACT6" drop
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