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Set up a transparent TCP, HTTP or squid proxy.

Built 06 May 2015
firehol-proxy(5)                              2.0.3                              firehol-proxy(5)

NAME firehol-proxy - set up a transparent TCP, HTTP or squid proxy
SYNOPSIS transparent_proxy service port user rule-params transparent_squid port user rule-params
DESCRIPTION The transparent_proxy helper command sets up transparent caching for TCP traffic. The transparent_squid helper command sets up the special case for HTTP traffic with service implicitly set to 80. Note The proxy application must be running on the firewall host at port port with the credentials of the local user user (which may be a space-delimited list enclosed in quotes) serving requests appropriate to the TCP port service. The rule-params define a set of rule parameters to define the traffic that is to be proxied. See firehol-params(5) for more details. For traffic destined for the firewall host or passing through the firewall, do not use the outface parameter because the rules are applied before the routing decision and so the outgoing interface will not be known. An empty user string ("") disables caching of locally-generated traffic. Otherwise, traffic starting from the firewall is captured, except that traffic generated by the local user(s) user. The inface, outface and src rule-params are all ignored for locally-generated traffic.
EXAMPLES transparent_proxy 80 3128 squid inface eth0 src transparent_squid 3128 squid inface eth0 src transparent_proxy "80 3128 8080" 3128 "squid privoxy root bin" \ inface not "ppp+ ipsec+" dst not "a.not.proxied.server" transparent_squid "80 3128 8080" "squid privoxy root bin" \ inface not "ppp+ ipsec+" dst not "non.proxied.server"
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