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Configuration for a remote.



flatpak-remote - Configuration for a remote


Flatpak stores information about configured remotes for an installation location in $installation/repo/config. For example, the remotes for the default system-wide installation are in $prefix/var/lib/flatpak/repo/config, and the remotes for the per-user installation are in $HOME/.local/share/flatpak/repo/config. Normally, it is not necessary to edit remote config files directly, the flatpak remote-modify command should be used to change properties of remotes. System-wide remotes can be statically preconfigured by dropping config fragments into /etc/flatpak/remotes.d/.


The remote config file format is using the same .ini file format that is used for systemd unit files or application .desktop files. [remote ...] All the configuration for the the remote with name NAME is contained in the [remote "NAME"] group. The following keys are recognized by OSTree, among others: url (string) The url for the remote. An URL of the form oci+https:// or oci+http:// is a Flatpak extension that indicates that the remote is not an ostree repository, but is rather an URL to an index of OCI images that are stored within a container image registry. gpg-verify (boolean) Whether to use GPG verification for content from this remote. gpg-verify-summary (boolean) Whether to use GPG verification for the summary of this remote. This is ignored if collection-id is set, as refs are verified in commit metadata in that case. Enabling gpg-verify-summary would break peer to peer distribution of refs. collection-id (string) The globally unique identifier for the upstream collection repository, to allow mirrors to be grouped. All flatpak-specific keys have a xa. prefix: xa.disable (boolean) Whether the remote is disabled. Defaults to false. xa.prio (integer) The priority for the remote. This is used when listing remotes. Defaults to 1. xa.noenumerate (boolean) Whether this remote should be used when presenting available contents. Defaults to true. xa.nodeps (boolean) Whether this remote should be used when searching for dependencies. Defaults to true. xa.title (string) An optional title to use when presenting this remote in a UI. xa.title-is-set (boolean) This key is set to true if xa.title has been explicitly set. xa.default-branch (string) The default branch to use when installing from this remote. xa.default-branch-is-set (boolean) This key is set to true if xa.default-branch has been explicitly set. xa.main-ref (string) The main reference served by this remote. This is used for origin remotes of applications installed via a flatpakref file.


[remote "gnome-nightly-apps"] gpg-verify=true gpg-verify-summary=true url= xa.title=GNOME Applications [remote "flathub"] gpg-verify=true gpg-verify-summary=false collection-id=org.flathub.Stable url= xa.title=Flathub


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