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The fltk block attack! game.

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NAME flblocks - the fltk block attack! game
SYNOPSIS Blocks is a FLTK-based block elimination game. Stacks of colored blocks move from right to left as you try to eliminate groups adjacent blocks by clicking on them. As the game pro‐ gresses, more colors are added (up to a maximum of 7) and the blocks move faster and faster.
GAME PLAY Press the N key to start a game. As the blocks move across the window, click on groups of two or more blocks to clear them - the larger the number of adjacent blocks, the greater the score. Clicking on a blocks containing a dark ball will clear all blocks of that color, however you will score much fewer points than a normal click. The game is over when the blocks reach the left side of the window. Press the spacebar to pause the game.
SEE ALSO fltk(3) FLTK Web Site,
AUTHOR Michael R Sweet.
15 January 2006 FLTK Checkers flblocks(6)
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