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Configuration file for fodtrack rotor driver.

fodtrack.conf(5)                         LX2GT Sat Tools                         fodtrack.conf(5)

NAME /etc/fodtrack.conf - Configuration file for fodtrack rotor driver
DESCRIPTION The fodtrack program uses a configuration file called fodtrack.conf. This configuration file must be located in the /etc directory, and is used to configure the driver.
PARAMETERS PARDEV=<device> Parallel port device MAXAZIMUTH=<angle> Maximal angle the hozizontal rotor is able to turn. ELEVATIONCORRECTION=<angle> Correction applied to the elevation angle AZIMUTHCORRECTION=<angle> Correction applied to the azimuth angle
FILES /etc/fodtrack.conf
SEE ALSO fodtrack(5)
Luc Langehegermann 0.1 fodtrack.conf(5)
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