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Free tennis simulation game.

Apr 26, 2008


freetennis - free tennis simulation game


freetennis [options]


Free Tennis is a free tennis simulation game.


A summary of options is included below. -help, --help Show summary of options. -p0 <name> The name of player 0 (default: ivan). -p1 <name> The name of player 1 (default: ivan). -donotshowpause When the game is paused, do not show the "paused" sign. Useful for screenshots. -showfps Display the number of Frames Per Second (on the standard output). Useful for debug‐ ging. -aidebug Shows some info useful to debug AI. -realistic Make the game realistic. This alters the parabola visibility depending on the player and shot. Better gameplay, but not suitable for newbies. -newbie Make the game not realistic, but more suited to newbies. The parabola is fully visible. -nosound Run with no sound. -xres <integer> The horizontal resolution (default: 640). -yres <integer> The vertical resolution (default: 480). -port <integer> The TCP port to use. Makes sense with -client and -server. The default is 4000. -computerskill <integer> Skill level of computer. A number from 0 (very difficult) to 250 (very easy). Default is 190. -client <ip address> The IP address of the server. Only for multiplayer. -server Run Free Tennis as server. Only for multiplayer. -surf <surface> SURF: surface for the court. Choices are "clay", "cement", "grass".

SEE ALSO /usr/share/doc/freetennis-common/web-site/index.html


freetennis was written by Maurizio Colucci <>. This manual page was written by Bart Martens <> and updated by Mehdi Dogguy <>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).
Apr 26, 2008 FREETENNIS(6)
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