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User configuration file for fsniper.

January 2009
FSNIPER(5) Configuration file format FSNIPER(5)


$HOME/.config/fsniper/config - user configuration file for fsniper


This file is read by fsniper(1) when launched. It is a C-style configuration file. It begins with a watch section. Then, each subsection is a directory to watch. Under that, each subsection is a filter for file to apply a rule. There are 2 types of filters: MIME-Type filters image/* will apply the rule only on images image/png will apply the rule only on png images Name filters Wildcards *name* Match on name with regular wildcard. Or on extension (*.jpg for example) Regular Expressions /regex/ Match on name with the regex given. The last section is the start of the rule, and its format is: handler = command to apply The command can be any shell command. To get the file name, use %% Example: handler = echo %%


/usr/share/doc/fsniper/examples/example.conf, <;a=blob_plain;f=doc/doc.txt>, fsniper(1)


This manual page was written by Tanguy Herrmann <>, for the Ubuntu GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).
Configuration file format January 2009 FSNIPER(5)
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