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Fuzzy comparison of two strings using the current locale.

fstrcolli(3) Library Functions Manual fstrcolli(3)


fstrcolli - fuzzy comparison of two strings using the current locale


#include <fstrcmp.h> #define FSTRCMP_IDENTICAL #define FSTRCMP_THRESHOLD #define FSTRCMP_ERROR int fstrcolli(const char *string1, const char *string2);


The strcolli() function compares the two strings sting1 and string2. The comparison is based on strings interpreted as appropriate for the program's current locale for category LC_CTYPE.


The fstrcolli function returns an int value between 0 and FSTRCMPI_IDENTICAL. A value of 0 means the strings are utterly un-alike. A value of FSTRCMPI_IDENTICAL means the strings are identical. A value of more than FSTRCMPI_THRESHOLD (it lies between 0 and FSTR‐ CMPI_IDENTICAL) would be considered "similar" by most people. A value of FSTRCMPI_ERROR (always negative) indicates a malloc(3) or mbstowcs(3) failure.


fstrcmpi(3) fuzzy comparison of two strings fstrcoll(3) fuzzy comparison of two strings using the current locale strcoll(3) compare two strings using the current locale mbstowcs(3) convert a multibyte string to a wide-character string
fstrcmp version 0.7 Copyright (C) 2009 Peter Miller Peter Miller <> The comparison code is derived from the fuzzy comparison functions in GNU Gettext 0.17. The GNU Gettext comparison functions were, in turn, derived from GNU Diff 2.7. Copyright (C) 1988-2009 Free Software Foundation
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fstrcolli(3) referred by fstrcoll(3)
refer to fstrcmpi(3) | fstrcoll(3) | malloc(3) | mbstowcs(3) | strcoll(3)
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