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A list of Galician words, using the "minimos" standard.

14 Oct 2002
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galician-minimos - a list of Galician words, using the "minimos" standard


/usr/share/dict/galician-minimos is an ASCII file which contains an alphabetic list of words, one per line.


/etc/dictionaries-common/words is a symbolic link to a /usr/share/dict/<language> file. /usr/share/dict/words is a symbolic link to /etc/dictionaries-common/words, and is the name by which other software should refer to the system word list. See select-default- wordlist(8) for more information. The directory /usr/share/dict can contain word lists for many languages, with name of the language in English, e.g., /usr/share/dict/french and /usr/share/dict/danish contain respectively lists of French and Danish words if they exist. Such lists should be coded using the ISO 8859-1 character set encoding.


ispell(1), select-default-wordlist(8), and the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard.


The words lists are not specific, and may be generated from any number of sources. The system word list used to be /usr/dict/words. For compatibility, software should check that location if /usr/share/dict/words does not exist.


Word lists are collected and maintained by various authors.
Linux 14 Oct 2002 WORDS(5)
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