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Garden of Coloured Lights.

January 2015
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garden - Garden of Coloured Lights




Garden of Coloured Lights is an abstract vertical shooter with music elements. The ene‐ mies, in fact, are kind of musical. Part of what stands out about Garden of Coloured Lights are its graphics, that even though are kept quite simple, are also carefully taken care of. Every ship still has moving parts and mechanisms that open and close, and every level is different, even though all of them share a common theme.


Left, Right, Up, Down move the fighter across the screen Z fire weapon 1 X fire weapon 2 C fire weapon 3 V slow down movement Key controls can be modified inside the game options menu.


garden doesn't accept any command line arguments. Configuration is via the file ~/.gar‐ den/init.txt, which also records scores and configured key controls. The following configuration can only be done by editing init.txt (under the heading [Misc]): Windowed Use Windowed = 0 for fullscreen, Windowed = 1 to run in a window (default). vsync Turning vsync on (vsync = 1) eliminates a graphic shearing effect which some people might find annoying, but can slow things down on older systems. Default is vsync = 0.


Garden of Coloured Lights was written by Linley Henzell <>. This manual page was written by Vincent Cheng <>, for the Debian project (and may be used by others).
January 2015 GARDEN(6)
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