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Build Debian packages from a Git repository.

3 April 2018
gbp-buildpackage(1) git-buildpackage Manual gbp-buildpackage(1)


gbp-buildpackage - Build Debian packages from a Git repository


gbp buildpackage [--git-[no-]ignore-new] [--git-tag] [--git-verbose] [--git- color=[auto|on|off]] [--git-color-scheme= COLOR_SCHEME] [--git- notify=[auto|on|off]] [--git-upstream-branch= TREEISH] [--git-debian- branch= BRANCH_NAME] [--git-ignore-branch] [--git-[no-]submodules] [--git-builder= BUILD_CMD] [--git-cleaner= CLEAN_CMD] [--git-[no-]overlay] [--git-[no-]pbuilder] [--git-[no-]qemubuilder] [--git-dist= DIST] [--git-arch= ARCH] [--git-[no-]pbuilder-autoconf] [--git-pbuilder-options= PBUILDER_OPTIONS] [--git-[no-]sign-tags] [--git- keyid= GPG-KEYID] [--git-postexport= COMMAND] [--git-prebuild= COMMAND] [--git-postbuild= COMMAND] [--git-posttag= COMMAND] [--git-[no-]hooks] [--git-debian-tag= tag-format] [--git-debian-tag-msg= tag-msg-format] [--git-upstream-tag= tag-format] [--git-force-create] [--git-no-create- orig] [--git-upstream-tree= [BRANCH|SLOPPY|TAG|TREEISH]] [--git-tarball- dir= DIRECTORY] [--git-compression= TYPE] [--git-compression-level= LEVEL] [--git-component= component]... [--git-export-dir= DIRECTORY] [--git-export= TREEISH] [--git-[no-]pristine-tar] [--git-[no-]pristine- tar-commit] [--git-[no-]-purge] [--git-tag-only] [--git-retag] [OPTION_PASSED_TO_BUILD_CMD]...


gbp buildpackage is used to build Debian source and .deb packages from a Git repository. gbp buildpackage will, in order: · Verify that it is being executed from the proper location. · Verify that the repository doesn't contain any uncommitted source changes. · Verify that it is being executed from the correct branch. · (Optionally) run a clean command specified with --git-cleaner. · (Optionally) export the source tree to a separate build area. · Build an orig tarball if it doesn't exist. Optionally using pristine-tar. · (Optionally) call a pre build hook. · Call debuild(1) or Cowbuilder (via --git-pbuilder) or the application specified via --git-builder passing along all arguments given to gbp buildpackage on the command line that don't start with --git-. · (Optionally) tag the current commit after a successful build. · (Optionally) call a post build hook - e.g. to run lintian. · (Optionally) call a post tag hook - e.g. to push the results to a remote repository af‐ ter creating the tag.


All options are prefixed with git- to distinguish options for gbp buildpackage from op‐ tions passed to the BUILD_CMD: UPSTREAM TARBALL CREATION OPTIONS When gbp buildpackage doesn't find a suitable upstream tarball it will create one either using pristine-tar or git archive. These options determine how the tarball is created: --git-pristine-tar Use pristine-tar when generating the upstream tarball if it doesn't exist. If this mode is enabled the --git-upstream-tag, --git-upstream-tree options have no effect. --git-upstream-tag=TAG-FORMAT Use this tag format when looking for tags of upstream versions to build the up‐ stream tarballs. Default is upstream/%(version)s. This must be set correctly if you don't want to pass any other options. The default matches what gbp import-orig uses to create tags. --git-upstream-tree=[BRANCH|SLOPPY|TAG|TREEISH] How to find the upstream sources used to generate the tarball. TAG (the default) looks at a tag corresponding to the version in the changelog. BRANCH looks at the upstream branch given via the --git-upstream-branch option. The SLOPPY option looks at the debian branch given via the --git-debian-branch and drops the debian/ dir. Other values are interpreted as treeishs. This doesn't have any effect if --git-pristine-tar is being used. --git-upstream-branch=BRANCH_NAME Branch to build the orig tarball from if --git-upstream-tree is set to BRANCH. De‐ fault is upstream. --git-tarball-dir=DIRECTORY Search for upstream tarballs in DIRECTORY instead of generating them. If a tarball is not found here it will be generated nevertheless. --git-component=COMPONENT When generating tarballs create an additional upstream tarball of directory COMPO‐ NENT in the source tree. Using additional upstream tarballs is a feature of the 3.0 (quilt) source format. See the dpkg-source manpage for details. Note that the --git-pristine-tar-commit option is currently incompatible with this option. This is considered an experimental feature and might change incompatibly. --git-pristine-tar-commit Commit the pristine-tar delta to the pristine-tar branch if a new tarball was gen‐ erated and the pristine-tar data isn't already there. --git-force-create Force creation of an upstream tarball (overwriting a pre-existing one if present). --git-no-create-orig Don't try to create any upstream tarballs or to create symlinks to existing tar‐ balls in tarball-dir. --git-[no-]submodules Include Git submodules in the orig tarball if present. --git-compression=TYPE Specifies the upstream tarball compression type. This will be used to locate and build the upstream tarball if necessary. The default is auto which derives the com‐ pression type from the pristine-tar branch if available and falls back to gzip oth‐ erwise. Other options are gzip, bzip2, lzma and xz. --git-compression-level=LEVEL Specifies the upstream tarball compression level if an upstream tarball needs to be built. PACKAGE BUILD OPTIONS gbp buildpackage can invoke different types of builders to produce the source and binary packages. These options determine which builder is invoked and how. --git-builder=BUILD_CMD Use BUILD_CMD instead of debuild -i -I. If you want to use Cowbuilder or Pbuilder see the --git-pbuilder. --git-cleaner=CLEAN_CMD Use CLEAN_CMD to clean the source tree before the build. The default is /bin/true (no cleaning). --git-pbuilder Build the package using git-pbuilder (which uses cowbuilder by default). Note that this overwrites any --git-builder and --git-cleaner options. --git-qemubuilder Build package using git-pbuilder with qemubuilder. Note that this overwrites any --git-builder and --git-cleaner options. --git-dist=DIST Build for distribution DIST when using git-pbuilder (either via --git-pbuilder, --git-qemubuilder or the corresponding configuration file options). If unset build for the unstable distribution. The special value DEP14 will set the distribution to build for from the branch name. I.e. if you're starting the build from a branch named debian/wheezy-backports the distribution is set to wheezy-backports. If the branch is named downstream/sid the distribution is set to downstream_sid. --git-arch=ARCH Build for architecture ARCH when using git-pbuilder (either via --git-pbuilder, --git-qemubuilder or the corresponding configuration file options). If unset no ar‐ chitecture is passed to git-pbuilder. --git-pbuilder-autoconf Whether to try to autoconfigure git-pbuilder or to rely on the settings in .pbuilderrc. See the git-pbuilder manpage for details. Only takes effect when using git-pbuilder (either via --git-pbuilder, --git-qemubuilder or the corresponding configuration file options). --git-pbuilder-options Options to pass to pbuilder when building via git-pbuilder (either via --git-pbuilder, --git-qemubuilder or the corresponding configuration file options). It does so by using the GIT_PBUILDER_OPTIONS environment variable to pass options to git-pbuilder. As an example, to tell pbuilder to use an alternate .pbuilderrc file, you may run gbp buildpackage with --git-pbuilder-options="--configfile /tmp/my/pbuilderrc". See pbuilder(8) for more options to pass through here. If unset the GIT_PBUILDER_OPTIONS environment variable will be left untouched. --git-notify=[auto|on|off] Whether to send a desktop notification after the build. This needs python3-notify2 installed. HOOK OPTIONS Hooks allow you to run arbitrary commands at different stages of the build. These options configure what will be run: --git-postexport=COMMAND Execute COMMAND after exporting the source tree. Valid only if --git-export-dir has been specified. The working directory of this hook is the toplevel directory of the exported source tree. Exported environment variables are: GBP_GIT_DIR (the repository the package is be‐ ing built from), GBP_TMP_DIR (the temporary directory where the sources have been initially exported). --git-prebuild=COMMAND Execute COMMAND from the build directory before calling debuild or the application specified via --git-builder. Exported environment variables are: GBP_GIT_DIR (the repository the package is be‐ ing built from), GBP_BUILD_DIR (the build dir). --git-postbuild=COMMAND Execute COMMAND after successful build. The working directory of this hook is the directory the package was built in. Exported environment variables are: GBP_CHANGES_FILE (the name of the generated changes file), GBP_BUILD_DIR (the build dir). --git-posttag=COMMAND Execute COMMAND after tagging a new version. The working directory of this hook is the toplevel directory of the Git repository. Exported environment variables are: GBP_TAG (the name of the generated tag), GBP_BRANCH (the branch the package was build from) and GBP_SHA1 (the sha1 of the commit the tag was created at). --git-[no-]hooks Enable running all (cleaner, postexport, prebuild, postbuild, and posttag) hooks. Note: the --git-builder command is not affected by this option. TAGGING OPTIONS --git-tag Add a git tag after a successful build. It tags the currently checked out commit except when you're on a patch-queue branch. In that case the corresponding debian branch is tagged. This is a command line only option that cannot be specified via gbp.conf. --git-[no-]sign-tags GPG sign all created tags. --git-keyid=GPG-KEYID Use this keyid for gpg signing tags. --git-debian-tag=TAG-FORMAT Use this tag format when tagging Debian versions, default is debian/%(version)s. --git-debian-tag-msg=tag-msg-format Use this tag message format when signing Debian versions, default is %(pkg)s Debian release %(version)s --git-retag Don't fail tag operations if a tag with the same version already exists. This is a command line only option that cannot be specified via gbp.conf. --git-tag-only Don't build, only tag and run post-tag hooks. This is a command line only option that cannot be specified via gbp.conf. BUILD AREA OPTIONS gbp buildpackage can export the source tree to a different build-area before performing the build. This options specify if and how this is done: --git-export-dir=DIRECTORY Export the current branch head (or the treeish object given via --git-export to DI‐ RECTORY before building. If unset the source will not be exported before starting the build. --git-export=TREEISH Instead of exporting the current branch head, export the treeish object TREEISH. The special name INDEX exports the current index whereas the special name WC ex‐ ports the current working copy as is. Note that using WC enables the --git-ignore-branch and --git-ignore-new options as well since when exporting the working copy there's no point in enforcing any branch or modification checks. --git[-no]-purge Purge (remove) temporary build area after build. This is the default but it can be turned off for e.g. debugging purposes. --git-[no-]overlay Extract upstream tarball from tarball-dir when using the export-dir option (in analogy to mergeWithUpstream in svn-bp). Also remove debian/ if contained in the upstream tarball in case of 2.0 and 3.0 source formats. This optios allows one to keep only the debian/ dir in the version control system. SAFETY OPTIONS In order to make sure what you build is what you upload gbp buildpackage performs several safety checks. These options allow one to configure and disable them: --git-debian-branch=BRANCH_NAME If you're not on this branch when invoking gbp buildpackage it will fail. Default is master. This is done to make sure you don't accidentally release from a topic branch. Not being on this branch will be ignored when using --git-ignore-new. --git-ignore-branch Don't check if the current branch matches DEBIAN-BRANCH. --git-[no-]ignore-new Don't abort if there are uncommitted changes in the source tree or the current branch doesn't match the DEBIAN-BRANCH. COLOR AND VERBOSITY OPTIONS --git-verbose Verbose execution. Useful for debugging and bug reports. --git-color=[auto|on|off] Whether to use colored output. --git-color-scheme=COLOR_SCHEME Colors to use in output (when color is enabled). The format for COLOR_SCHEME is '<debug>:<info>:<warning>:<error>'. Numerical values and color names are accepted, empty fields imply the default color. For example --git-color-scheme='cyan:34::' would show debug messages in cyan, info messages in blue and other messages in de‐ fault (i.e. warning and error messages in red).


Build a Debian package using git-pbuilder which in turn invokes cowbuilder. Instruct cow‐ builder to build within a Wheezy chroot for i386. gbp buildpackage --git-pbuilder --git-arch=i386 --git-dist=wheezy Note that the above needs a cowbuilder chroot already. This can be created using: DIST=wheezy ARCH=i386 git-pbuilder create


Several gbp.conf files are parsed to set defaults for the above command-line arguments. See the gbp.conf(5) manpage for details. All options in the config files must be specified without the 'git-' prefix. So e.g. --git-debian-branch=debian/sid becomes in gbp.conf: [buildpackage] debian-branch = debian/sid


gbp-import-dsc(1), gbp-import-dscs(1), gbp-import-orig(1), gbp-dch(1), git-pbuilder(1), cowbuilder(8), dpkg-source(1), git-submodule(1), gbp.conf(5), debuild(1), git(1), pris‐ tine-tar(1), The Git-Buildpackage Manual ⟨file:///usr/share/doc/git-buildpackage/ manual-html/index.html⟩


Guido Günther <>
3 April 2018 gbp-buildpackage(1)
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