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Gameboy sound player configuration file.

gbsplayrc(5) Gameboy sound player gbsplayrc(5)


gbsplayrc - Gameboy sound player configuration file


/etc/gbsplayrc and ~/.gbsplayrc are used by gbsplay(1).


Comments are introduced by hash marks. A comment continues to the end of the line. Whitespace, including empty lines, is ignored. Option values follow the option name and an equal sign. Valid option value types are: Boolean An integer number in decimal. 0 is considered false, everything else is true. Endian A single character denoting the endianness. n == native endian, l == little endian and b == big endian. Integer An integer number in decimal. Plugin The name of an output plugin. Run gbsplay -o list to get a list of all available output plugins.


endian = Endian The output endianness. fadeout = Integer The fadeout time in seconds. Instead of cutting of the subsong hard, do a soft fadeout. loop = Boolean In loop mode the playback will restart from the beginning after the last subsong. output_plugin = Plugin The sound output plugin to be used. rate = Integer The samplerate to be used. refresh_delay = Integer Set the refresh delay in milliseconds. Larger values will lower CPU usage, but things as subsong changes, fadeouts, reactions to keypresses and the on-screen dis‐ play will be delayed. silence_timeout = Integer The silence timeout in seconds. When a subsong contains silence for the given time, the player will skip to the next subsong. subsong_gap = Integer The subsong gap in seconds. Before playing the next subsong after the subsong timeout, play subsong_gap seconds of silence. subsong_timeout = Integer The subsong timeout in seconds. When a subsong has been played for the given time, the player will skip to the next subsong. A timeout of 0 seconds disables auto‐ matic subsong changes. verbosity = Integer Sets the verbosity level (default: 3). A value of 0 means no messages on stdout.


/etc/gbsplayrc Default location of the global configuration file. ~/.gbsplayrc User configuration file.


gbsplay(1), gbsinfo(1)


If you encounter bugs, please report them via or write to <>.


gbsplay was written by Tobias Diedrich <> (with contributions from others, see README).
gbsplay is licensed under GNU GPL.
Tobias Diedrich 0.0.93 gbsplayrc(5)
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