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Add a field to a dirfile.

26 July 2012
gd_add_alias(3)                              GETDATA                              gd_add_alias(3)


gd_add_alias, gd_madd_alias — add a field to a dirfile


#include <getdata.h> int gd_add_alias(DIRFILE *dirfile, const char *alias_name, const char *target_code, int fragment_index); int gd_madd_alias(DIRFILE *dirfile, const char *parent, const char *alias_name, const char *target_code);


The gd_add_alias() function adds the alias named alias_name pointing to target_code to the fragment indexed by fragment_index in the dirfile specified by dirfile. The gd_madd_alias() function behaves similarly, but adds the field as a meta-entry under the field indicated by the field code parent.


On success, gd_add_alias() and gd_madd_alias() return zero. On error, -1 is returned and the dirfile error is set to a non-zero error value. Possible error values are: GD_E_ACCMODE The specified dirfile was opened read-only. GD_E_ALLOC The library was unable to allocate memory. GD_E_BAD_CODE The alias_name contained invalid characters; or it or an input field did not con‐ tain the affected fragment's prefix or suffix. Alternately, the parent field code was not found, or was already a metafield. GD_E_BAD_DIRFILE The supplied dirfile was invalid. GD_E_BAD_INDEX The fragment_index specified was out of range. GD_E_DUPLICATE The alias_name parameter duplicated that of an already existing entry. GD_E_PROTECTED The metadata of the fragment was protected from change. Or, the creation of a RAW field was attempted and the data of the fragment was protected. The dirfile error may be retrieved by calling gd_error(3). A descriptive error string for the last error encountered can be obtained from a call to gd_error_string(3).


gd_add(3), gd_alias_target(3), gd_entry(3), gd_madd(3), gd_metaflush(3), gd_open(3), dirfile-format(5)
Version 0.8.1 26 July 2012 gd_add_alias(3)
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