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Reposition a dirfile field pointer.

16 October 2014
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gd_tell — reposition a dirfile field pointer


#include <getdata.h> off_t gd_tell(DIRFILE *dirfile, const char *field_code);


The gd_tell() function reports the current position of the I/O pointer of the field field_code in the dirfile(5) database specified by dirfile. Only RAW fields (and the implicit INDEX field) have field pointers associated with them. Calling gd_tell() on a derived field will report the position of the I/O pointer of the derived field only if all of it's inputs are positioned the same. Otherwise, an error re‐ sults.


Upon successful completion, gd_tell() returns the I/O position of the specified field in samples. On error, it returns -1 and set the dirfile error to a non-zero value. Possible error values are: GD_E_ALLOC The library was unable to allocate memory. GD_E_BAD_CODE The field specified by field_code, or one of the fields it uses for input, was not found in the database. GD_E_BAD_DIRFILE The supplied dirfile was invalid. GD_E_DIMENSION The specified field or one of its inputs wasn't of vector type. GD_E_DOMAIN The I/O position of a derived field wasn't well defined because its input fields simultaneously read from different places in the same RAW field. GD_E_INTERNAL_ERROR An internal error occurred in the library while trying to perform the task. This indicates a bug in the library. Please report the incident to the maintainer. GD_E_IO An error occurred while trying to open or read from a file on disk containing a raw field. GD_E_RECURSE_LEVEL Too many levels of recursion were encountered while trying to resolve field_code. This usually indicates a circular dependency in field specification in the dirfile. GD_E_UNKNOWN_ENCODING The encoding scheme of a RAW field could not be determined. This may also indi‐ cate that the binary file associated with the RAW field could not be found. GD_E_UNSUPPORTED Reading from dirfiles with the encoding scheme of the specified dirfile is not supported by the library. See dirfile-encoding(5) for details on dirfile encoding schemes. The dirfile error may be retrieved by calling gd_error(3). A descriptive error string for the last error encountered can be obtained from a call to gd_error_string(3).


gd_open(3), gd_getdata(3), gd_putdata(3), gd_seek(3).
Version 0.9.0 16 October 2014 gd_tell(3)
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