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A named part of a finite element mesh.

geo_domain_indirect(7rheolef) rheolef-6.7 geo_domain_indirect(7rheolef)


geo_domain_indirect_rep - a named part of a finite element mesh


The geo_domain_indirect_rep class defines a container for a part of a finite element mesh. This describes the connectivity of edges or faces. This class is usefull for boundary condition setting.


The geo_domain_indirect_rep class is splitted into two parts. The first one is the domain_indirect class, that contains the main renumbering features: it acts as an indirec‐ tion on a geo class(see geo(2)). The second one is the geo class itself, named here the background geo. Thus, the geo_domain_indirect class develops a complete geo-like inter‐ face, via the geo_abstract_rep pure virtual class derivation, and can be used by the space class (see space(2)). The split between domain_indirect and geo_domain_indirect is necessary, because the geo class contains a list of domain_indirect. The geo class cannot contains a list of geo_domain_indirect classes, that refers to the geo class itself: a loop in reference counting leads to a blocking situation in the automatic deallocation.


geo(2), space(2)
rheolef-6.7 rheolef-6.7 geo_domain_indirect(7rheolef)
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