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Get the current time.

September 16, 2004
MICROTIME(9) BSD Kernel Developer's Manual MICROTIME(9)


bintime, getbintime, microtime, getmicrotime, nanotime, getnanotime — get the current time


#include <sys/time.h> void bintime(struct bintime *bt); void getbintime(struct bintime *bt); void microtime(struct timeval *tv); void getmicrotime(struct timeval *tv); void nanotime(struct timespec *ts); void getnanotime(struct timespec *tsp);


The bintime() and getbintime() functions store the system time as a struct bintime at the addresses specified by bt. The microtime() and getmicrotime() functions perform the same utility, but record the time as a struct timeval instead. Similarly the nanotime() and getnanotime() functions store the time as a struct timespec. The bintime(), microtime(), and nanotime() functions always query the timecounter to return the current time as precisely as possible. Whereas getbintime(), getmicrotime(), and getnanotime() functions are abstractions which return a less precise, but faster to obtain, time. The intent of the getbintime(), getmicrotime(), and getnanotime() functions is to enforce the user's preference for timer accuracy versus execution time.


binuptime(9), getbinuptime(9), getmicrouptime(9), getnanouptime(9), microuptime(9), nanouptime(9), tvtohz(9)


The bintime functions first appeared in FreeBSD 5.0. The microtime and nanotime functions first appeared in FreeBSD 3.0 but have existed in other incarnations since 4.4BSD.


This manual page was written by Kelly Yancey <>.
BSD September 16, 2004 BSD
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