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Get dns zone from server.

GETZONE(1)                                   getzone                                   GETZONE(1)

NAME getzone - get dns zone from server
DESCRIPTION getzone transfers a user-specified dns zone from a zone server and displays it in csv1 format on the standard output. This program is here for compatibility with older setups that use getzone to get zone files; newer setups may wish to consider using the fetchzone tool to obtain csv2-compatible zone files.
USAGE getzone zone_name zone_server_IP [query_class]
OPTIONS zone_name Name of the dns zone to be transferred. zone_server_IP IP address of dns server query_class Optional argument which can change the query class from 1 (the default) to 255. This may be needed for some versions of Bind.
EXAMPLES To obtain the zone from the server getzone To obtain the zone from the server using a query class of 255: getzone 255
SEE ALSO The man pages maradns(8) and csv1(5)
AUTHOR MaraDNS is written by Sam Trenholme. Jaakko Niemi used 5 minutes to put this manpage together. Sam has subsequently made revisions to this manpage.
October 2001 getzone GETZONE(1)
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