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Create a file in the Gfarm file system.

3 Sep 2015


gfs_pio_create - create a file in the Gfarm file system


#include <gfarm/gfarm.h> gfarm_error_t gfs_pio_create(const char * gfarm_url, int flags, gfarm_mode_t mode, GFS_File * gfp);


gfs_pio_create() creates a new file in the Gfarm file system whose name is the string pointed to by gfarm_url with the access mode mode, and returns a GFS_File structure to the address pointed to by gfp. Mode specifies the file permissions to be created, and is modified by the process's umask. The flags argument has the same meaning as the second argument of gfs_pio_open(), including the point such that exactly one of GFARM_FILE_RDONLY, GFARM_FILE_WRONLY, and GFARM_FILE_RDWR should be specified. In addition, it is possible to specify GFARM_FILE_EXCLUSIVE. With this flag, gfs_pio_create() will fail when the file already exists. Note that GFARM_FILE_TRUNC must be explicitly specified by the flags argument if needed.


GFARM_ERR_NO_ERROR The function terminated successfully. GFARM_ERR_IS_A_DIRECTORY gfarm_url refers to a directory. GFARM_ERR_IS_A_SYMBOLIC_LINK gfarm_url refers to a symbolic link. GFARM_ERR_OPERATION_NOT_PERMITTED gfarm_url refers to not a regular file. GFARM_ERR_NOT_A_DIRECTORY A component used as a directory in gfarm_url is not, in fact, a directory. GFARM_ERR_PERMISSION_DENIED The requested access to the file is not allowed, or one of the directories in gfarm_url did not allow search (execute) permission, or the file did not exist yet and write access to the parent directory is not allowed. Or, the authentication to the metadata server fails. GFARM_ERR_NO_MEMORY Insufficient memory was available. GFARM_ERR_INVALID_ARGUMENT flags is not valid. GFARM_ERR_GFARM_URL_HOST_IS_MISSING gfarm_url does not include a metadata server. GFARM_ERR_GFARM_URL_PORT_IS_MISSING gfarm_url does not include a port number of the metadata server. GFARM_ERR_UNKNOWN_HOST The metadata server cannot be resolved. GFARM_ERR_TOO_MANY_OPEN_FILES The process opens too many files. GFARM_ERR_TOO_MANY_OPEN_FILES_IN_SYSTEM The system limit on the total number of open files has been reached. GFARM_ERR_NETWORK_IS_UNREACHABLE Network is unrechable. GFARM_ERR_OPERATION_TIMED_OUT Connetion timeout occurs. GFARM_ERR_PROTOCOL Protocol error occurs. GFARM_ERR_BROKEN_PIPE Connection to the metadata server is broken. GFARM_ERR_PROTOCOL_NOT_SUPPORTED Specified authentication protocol is not supported. GFARM_ERR_AUTHENTICATION User authentication failed when connecting to the metadata server. GFARM_ERR_ALREADY_EXISTS gfarm_url already exists and GFARM_FILE_EXCLUSIVE was used. Others An error except the above occurred. The reason is shown by gfarm_error_string(3).


gfs_pio_close(3), gfs_pio_create(3), gfs_pio_eof(3), gfs_pio_error(3), gfs_pio_flush(3), gfs_pio_getc(3), gfs_pio_getline(3), gfs_pio_open(3), gfs_pio_putc(3), gfs_pio_putline(3), gfs_pio_puts(3), gfs_pio_read(3), gfs_pio_seek(3), gfs_pio_ungetc(3), gfs_pio_write(3)
Gfarm 3 Sep 2015 GFS_PIO_CREATE(3)
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