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A process viewer/killer.

Sep 30, 2007
GITPS(1) General Commands Manual GITPS(1)


gitps - A process viewer/killer


gitps [-hvcblp]


This manual page documents briefly the gitps command. gitps is an interactive process viewer/killer. It calls internally the ps(1) utility. More extensive documentation on gitps and the other gnuit tools is available in info for‐ mat, try 'info gnuit'. Running `gitps' is self explanatory. Use the `arrows', `PageUp', `PageDown', `Home', `End', `^N', `^P', `^V', `ESC v', `Space' and `Backspace' to move in the list, `^L' to refresh it, `Enter' to change the default signal and `F10', `q' or `^X ^C' to leave. You can change these keys, just read the GITPS-Setup, GITPS-Color, GITPS-Monochrome and GITPS-Keys sections in the configuration files gnuitrc.TERM. gitps is part of the GNU Interactive Tools.


A summary of options is included below. For a complete description, see the Info files. -h Show summary of options. -v Show version of program. -c Use ANSI colours. -b Don't use ANSI colours. -l Don't use last screen character. -p Pass the remaining arguments to ps(1).


gitfm(1) gitps and gitfm are documented fully by GNU Interactive Tools, available via the Info sys‐ tem.


Please send bug reports to:


Tudor Hulubei <> Andrei Pitis <> Ian Beckwith <> (Current maintainer)
Sep 30, 2007 GITPS(1)
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gitps(1) referred by gitaction(1) | gitfm(1) | gitkeys(1) | gitmount(1) | gitrgrep(1) | gitunpack(1)
refer to gitfm(1) | ps(1)
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