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Eat a game field until you run out of moves.

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greed - eat a game field until you run out of moves


greed [-s]


The object of Greed is to erase as much of the screen as possible by moving around in a grid of numbers. To move your cursor, simply use your arrow keys or the the 'hjklyubn' keys or your numeric keypad. Your location is signified by the @ symbol. When you move in a direction, you erase N number of grid squares in that direction, N being the first number in that direction. Your score reflects the total number of squares eaten. Greed will not let you make a move that would have placed you off the grid or over a previously eaten square. If no valid moves exist, your game ends. Other Greed commands are 'Ctrl-L' to redraw the screen, 'p' to toggle the highlighting of the possible moves, and 'q' to quit. The only command line option to Greed is '-s' to output the high score file.


The environment variable GREEDOPTS can override the default color set, which will be parsed as a string of the form: <c1><c2><c3><c4><c5><c6><c7><c8><c9>[:[p]] where <cn> is a character decribing the color for digit n. The color letters are read as follows: b = blue, g = green, c = cyan, r = red, m = magenta, y = yellow, w = white. In addition, capitalizing a letter turns on the A_BOLD attribute for that letter. If the string ends with a trailing :, letters following are taken as game options. At present, only 'p' (equivalent to an initial 'p' command) is defined.


/var/games/greed/greed.hs Default location of Greed high scores.


Originally written by Matt Day. Maintained by <>. See ESR's home page at for updates and other resources.


This really ought to be an X game, but that would have been too much like work.
greed 04/03/2018 GREED(6)
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