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Variables that affect the behaviour of the hwclock boot script.

Feb 2012
HWCLOCK(5) Debian Administrator's Manual HWCLOCK(5)


hwclock - variables that affect the behaviour of the hwclock boot script


The /etc/default/rcS file contains variable settings in POSIX format: VAR=VAL Only one assignment is allowed per line. Comments (starting with '#') are also allowed.


The following variables can be set. BADYEAR This is used to specify that the hardware clock is incapable of storing years out‐ side the range of 1994-1999. Set to yes if the hardware is broken or no if working correctly. HWCLOCKACCESS If the hardware clock is not accessible, set to no, in which case hwclock will not be run. Otherwise, set to yes. HWCLOCKPARS Additional options for hwclock. Unset by default. For example, this may be use to specify the machine hardware clock type for Alphas. HCTOSYS_DEVICE The hardware clock device you want to use. Defaults to rtc0. It should probably match the CONFIG_RTC_HCTOSYS_DEVICE kernel config option.


Roger Leigh <>


hwclock(8), rcS(5).
Feb 2012 HWCLOCK(5)
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