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Trivial integer print utility.

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NAME i - trivial integer print utility
SYNOPSIS i arguments ...
DESCRIPTION Given one or more arguments on the command line, it will print them in decimal, hexadeci‐ mal, octal and as ASCII characters (if printable). If an argument begins with 0x, it is assumed to be hexadecimal. Otherwise if an argument begins with 0, it is assumed to be octal. Otherwise, if an argument begins with 0b or 0B, it is assumed to be binary. Oth‐ erwise, if an argument begins with a digit, it is assumed to be a decimal number. Other‐ wise, the argument is treated as one ASCII character at a time.
OPTIONS i doesn't take any options, but invoking it it with any arbitrary text string, such as "1234", "--help", etc., would demonstrate how the program functions.
SEE ALSO ascii(7)
AUTHOR This manual page was written by Paul Russell <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).
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