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Configuration file for Ibid.

March 2010
IBID.INI(5) Ibid - Multi-protocol Bot IBID.INI(5)


ibid.ini - Configuration file for Ibid


ibid.ini contains all the configuration for an Ibid bot. A complete description of the contents of this file is out of the scope of this manpage. For more details see the Ibid documentation: Lines beginning with # are considered to be comments and ignored. To use a # symbol in an option (e.g. an IRC channel name), quote the option with double-quotes, e.g. channels="#ibid", This file will be written to by the bot when configuration settings are altered online. It can also be edited manually and a running bot told to "reload config". Manual edits and comments will be preserved when the bot modifies its own configuration, provided that they have not been edited since bot start-up or the last config reload.


auth Settings related to permissions and authentication. Permissions listed in auth.permissions are granted to all users unless revoked by source or account. sources Sources are Ibid connections to an IM service. They range from IRC networks to the bot's built-in HTTP server. Each source is configured in a section named after the source. The source name will define the driver that the source should use, unless a type option is provided. Sources can be disabled by setting disabled=True. plugins Plugin configuration. Each plugin is configured within a section named after the plugin. cachedir The directory that temporary files (such as downloaded data), useful to be the bot but expendable, is stored in. core.autoload If True, all plugins not explicitly ignored will be loaded. (Note that some plugins mark themselves as non-auto-loadable). Defaults to True. core.load The list of plugins (or plugin.Processors) to load. core.noload The list of plugins (or plugin.Processors) to ignore and not load. core.names The names that the bot should respond to. core.ignore Nicks that the bot should completely ignore (e.g. other bots).


botname = joebot logging = logging.ini [auth] methods = password, timeout = 300 permissions = +factoid, +karma, +sendmemo, +recvmemo, +feeds, +publicresponse [sources] [[telnet]] [[timer]] [[http]] url = [[smtp]] [[pb]] [[atrum]] channels = "#ibid", nick = $botname type = irc auth = hostmask, nickserv server = [plugins] cachedir = /tmp/ibid [[core]] names = $botname, bot, ant ignore = , [databases] ibid = sqlite:///ibid.db


logging.ini A standard Python logging.config configuration file describing loggers, handlers, and formatters for log messages. See


ibid(1), ibid.ini(5), twistd(1),
Ibid 0.1 March 2010 IBID.INI(5)
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