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Inadyn DDNS client configuration file.

October 31, 2010
INADYN(5) System Manager's Manual INADYN(5)


inadyn.conf — inadyn DDNS client configuration file




inadyn can read the very same command line options from a configuration file. This feature allows the user to write the options only once, and avoids frequent retyping. The format of the file follows the UN*X tradition: · The “#” character denotes a comment. · Long options (those with “--” in front) can also be placed at the beginning of the line without “--” signs. · The \ character can be used as an escape character.


1. Config file with long options # Some comments about the inadyn conf file --username test --password test --period 60 --alias --alias my.second.domain 2. Config file without “--” username test # user password test period 60 # some other param without '--' alias


inadyn(8) Internet resources The inadyn home page is


inadyn was written by Narcis Ilisei <>, Steve Horbachuk and later Joachim Nilsson <>. This manual page was initially written for the Debian GNU/Linux system by Shaul Karl <>. Later Joachim Nilsson picked up maintenance.
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