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Low level initialisation of a dialog. Allegro game programming library.

version 4.4.2
init_dialog(3alleg4) Allegro manual init_dialog(3alleg4)


init_dialog - Low level initialisation of a dialog. Allegro game programming library.


#include <allegro.h> DIALOG_PLAYER *init_dialog(DIALOG *dialog, int focus_obj);


This function provides lower level access to the same functionality as do_dialog(), but allows you to combine a dialog box with your own program control structures. It ini‐ tialises a dialog, returning a pointer to a player object that can be used with update_dialog() and shutdown_dialog(). With these functions, you could implement your own version of do_dialog() with the lines: DIALOG_PLAYER *player = init_dialog(dialog, focus_obj); while (update_dialog(player)) ; return shutdown_dialog(player); Note that you are responsible for showing and hiding the mouse cursor, which do_dialog would otherwise do for you, or saving and restoring the screen contents, as popup_dialog would do for you.


update_dialog(3alleg4), shutdown_dialog(3alleg4), do_dialog(3alleg4)
Allegro version 4.4.2 init_dialog(3alleg4)
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init_dialog(3alleg4) referred by active_dialog(3alleg4) | DIALOG_PLAYER(3alleg4) | do_dialog(3alleg4) | find_dialog_focus(3alleg4) | shutdown_dialog(3alleg4) | update_dialog(3alleg4)
refer to do_dialog(3alleg4) | shutdown_dialog(3alleg4) | update_dialog(3alleg4)
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