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Simple Text Adventure Engine, The Interpreter.

Version 3.1.2


INSTEAD - Simple Text Adventure Engine, The Interpreter


The interpreter of STEAD (Simple Text Adventures) allows one to play games that combine visual novels, text adventures and classic quests of 1990-s. The STEAD games features are: * very simple source code of the stories. (based on LUA); * graphical game interface; * supports music and images; * theme support - a game may change the interface look; * portability (originally written for Linux, depends on SDL and lua).


sdl-instead [options] [ or game.idf or path to game]


-debug Debug mode (for game developers). -nosound Run the game without sound. -vsync Vsync output. (SDL2 only) -gamespath <path> Add path with games. -themespath <path> Add path with themes. -nostdgames Do not use default games. -nostdthemes Do not use default themes. -game <basename> Select game in gamespath. -theme <basename> Select theme in themespath. -owntheme Force game to use own theme. -fullscreen Run the game in fullscreen mode. -hires / -nohires Set/unset the high resolution when run in fullscreen mode. -window Run the game in windowed mode. -resizable Resizable window (SDL2 only) -scale <scale> Scale window (SDL2 only) -noautosave Disable autosave load. -encode <lua file> [encoded file] Encode lua file. Encoded file can be executed with doencfile("encoded file"). -idf <path to resources directory or game> Build idf file [INSTEAD data file] from directory. -mode [WxH] Use WxH resolution. -modes <WxH>[,<WxH>[,<WxH>]] ... Define available resolutions. -software Force software rendering -fontscale <percents> Font scaling. -nopause Do not pause the game on window minimize. -hinting 0|1|2|3 Set the font hinting mode (helpful with infinality). -install [game in zip] Install game from zip archive -quit Quit :) -appdata [fullpath] Store saves and settings in appdata path. Path must exist! -chunksize [size in bytes] Size for audio buffer. Try this if sound lags. -version Show version and exit. -lua <script.lua> [arguments] Exec lua script (for game developers). -luac <script.lua> Check lua script (for game developers). -standalone Run game in standalone mode (no sandbox, no games selection ...). -noconfig Do not load saved config (run with defaults). -profile <profile> Using configuration profile. Profile file is the ini-styled file with parameter = value pairs. Where is parameters are arguments without -. Configuration file name is 'insteadrc' and it's located in ~/.instead/. Games can be downloaded from Unzip them in ~/.instead/games.


Please, see tutorial.


This software is covered by the terms of the MIT license.


Peter Kosyh INSTEAD author. Ilya Ryndin Initial port to Windows. Mahno Aleksey, Anton Kolosov Port to Android. .dm Port to Mac OS X. Andrey Afletdinov Port to Windows CE. Vadim Balashoff Advices. Vladimir Zhirov Advices. Alexander Yakovlev manual.tex support. Serj Kalichev Advices and default theme correction. Vladimir Podobaev, Oleg Gvozdev Testers. Alexander Soborov Wiki support. Many others for comments, bug reports, games and ideas.

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