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IPX address conversion routines.

June 4, 1993
IPX(3) BSD Library Functions Manual IPX(3)


ipx_addr, ipx_ntoa — IPX address conversion routines


IPX Address Conversion Support Library (libipx, -lipx)


#include <sys/types.h> #include <netipx/ipx.h> struct ipx_addr ipx_addr(const char *cp); char * ipx_ntoa(struct ipx_addr ipx);


The routine ipx_addr() interprets character strings representing IPX addresses, returning binary information suitable for use in system calls. The routine ipx_ntoa() takes IPX addresses and returns ASCII strings representing the address in a notation in common use: <network number>.<host number>.<port number> Trailing zero fields are suppressed, and each number is printed in hexadecimal, in a format suitable for input to ipx_addr(). Any fields lacking super-decimal digits will have a trailing ‘H’ appended. An effort has been made to ensure that ipx_addr() be compatible with most formats in common use. It will first separate an address into 1 to 3 fields using a single delimiter chosen from period ‘.’, colon ‘:’ or pound-sign ‘#’. Each field is then examined for byte separa‐ tors (colon or period). If there are byte separators, each subfield separated is taken to be a small hexadecimal number, and the entirety is taken as a network-byte-ordered quantity to be zero extended in the high-network-order bytes. Next, the field is inspected for hyphens, in which case the field is assumed to be a number in decimal notation with hyphens separating the millennia. Next, the field is assumed to be a number: It is interpreted as hexadecimal if there is a leading ‘0x’ (as in C), a trailing ‘H’ (as in Mesa), or there are any super-decimal digits present. It is interpreted as octal if there is a leading ‘0’ and there are no super-octal digits. Otherwise, it is converted as a decimal number.


None. (See BUGS.)


hosts(5), networks(5)


The precursor ns_addr() and ns_toa() functions appeared in 4.3BSD.


The string returned by ipx_ntoa() resides in a static memory area. The function ipx_addr() should diagnose improperly formed input, and there should be an unambiguous way to recognize this.
BSD June 4, 1993 BSD
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