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Isdn log file.

isdnlog(5) Linux System Administration isdnlog(5)


/var/lib/isdn/calls - isdn log file


The main purpose of isdnlog is to create a log file with information about all incoming and outgoing calls, namely: this file. The file has 19 fields, separated by pipe characters "|" with fixed length. The fields are: 1 Time of connect 2 Caller's number (if transmitted) 3 Called number 4 Duration of connection in seconds 5 Duration of connection in 1/100 seconds 6 Time of connect (as usual in seconds since 1970) 7 Number of charge signals received (-1 if you don't get charge signals) 8 I = Incoming or O = Outgoing 9 Cause Code if connection was not established 10 Number of bytes transferred (incoming) 11 Number of bytes transferred (outgoing) 12 Version number of isdnlog 13 ISDN Service Code 14 1 = called by isdn user, 0 = called by analog user 15 Costs per charge unit (e.g. 0.062 in Germany) 16 Currency of charge unit (e.g. EUR in most parts of Europe) 17 Total cost of connection 18 Provider 19 Zone


/var/lib/isdn/calls This file: isdnlog log file.




This manual page was written by Andreas Jellinghaus <>, for Debian GNU/Linux and isdn4linux. Now maintained by Paul Slootman <>.
ISDN 4 Linux 3.25 2002/01/31 isdnlog(5)
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