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Configuration file of jailer.

December 4, 2001
JAILER(5) File Formats Manual JAILER(5)


jailer.conf - configuration file of jailer




jailer is a script for creating chrooted environments for Debian packages. jailer.conf is the configuration file for jailer.conf Every configuration definition has to start and end with a jail identifier, which should be unique and be in brackets. <apache> For example, an Apache chroot identifier should look like this: </apache> The identifier use needs to be closed. The configuration for the chroot instance is defined inside these identifiers. The following lines can be used to describe the configuration: Root: /var/chroot/apache This line describes the PATH of the chrooted enviroment. Conf: This line describes the PATH or PATH/filename which should be copied over to the chrooted environment. For example Conf: /etc/apache/* , which uses a wild card. Debs: This line contains the name of those Debian packages which should be installed into the chrooted environment. Junk-Debs: This line contains those deb packages which should not be installed into the chrooted environment. Junk: This line contains those files or directories which should not be installed. For example /lib/* means all files and links under /lib should not be installed, while /lib/ means a file which should not to be installed. Extra: This line contains those files or directories which should be installed into the chrooted environment. For example: /var/run will install that a directory which is needed for the chrooted service.


Do not configure your daemon inside your jail, because updatejail script will wipe out all the data inside the jail. If you would want to change any settings inside the jail, make the changes in the original location and then run updatejail . This makes it possible to place a jail even to a ramdisk.


updatejail(8) jailer.conf(5), dpkg(8)


This manual page was written by Péter Höltzl <>.
December 4, 2001 JAILER(5)
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