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JPEG Network Graphics (JNG) sub-format.

July 26, 2000
JNG(5) File Formats Manual JNG(5)


jng - JPEG Network Graphics (JNG) sub-format


JNG (JPEG Network Graphics) is a sub-format of the MNG (Multiple-image Network Graphics) format. As with MNG it extends on the features of the popular PNG (Portable Network Graph‐ ics) image-format. This sub-format was designed to support a lossy compression-method. It is based com‐ pletely on the JPEG specification. It adds the high-compression ratios of JPEG for photo‐ graphic images. As a member of the Network Graphics family, JNG was deemed adequate as a stand-alone for‐ mat as it extends the JPEG format with color-correction and transparency features.


png(5), mng(5), libmng(3) MNG 1.00, February 9, 2001:


This man page: Gerard Juyn Multiple-image Network Graphics (MNG) Specification Version 1.00 (Februari 9, 2001): Glenn Randers-Pehrson and others (
The MNG-1.00 specification is copyright (c) 1998-2001 Glenn Randers-Pehrson. See the specification for conditions of use and distribution.
July 26, 2000 JNG(5)
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