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Execute Infocom v1-5 and Inform v1-5 & v8 game files.

JZIP(6) John´s Z-code Interpreter Program JZIP(6)


jzip - execute Infocom v1-5 and Inform v1-5 & v8 game files


jzip [ options ] z-file-name


jzip invokes the Z-code Interpreter.


jzip will run under most (if not all) flavors of Unix, including AIX, Solaris, SunOS, HP/UX, Linux, Free/NetBSD, IRIX, NeXT Mach, DEC OSF/1, and others.


JZip now supports arrowkey editing in UNIX. Up/Down selects the previous / next command in history Left/Right moves the cursor over the line. Backspace deletes Typing inserts under the cursor


-l n lines in display -c n columns in display -r n text right margin (default = 1) -t n text top margin (default = 0) -v display version information -m monochrome mode -y set Tandy bit -s n zmachine strict level, from 0 (none), 1 (report once, recommended) to 3.


jzip looks for the environment variable INFOCOM_PATH and will use the path found there to look for the story file specified on the command line if the story file cannot be found in the current directory.


jzip is written and maintained by John Holder (, based on the ZIP v2.0 sources by Mark Howell and Olaf 'Olsen' Barthel.


The most recent version of jzip can be downloaded from one of:


/usr/games/jzip The Z-Code Interpreter Program /usr/lib/games/zfiles Recommended location for Zcode files
Interactive Fiction (IF) authors should check out, and IF players should check out
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