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KDE application to run kross scripts.

KROSS(1)                                KDE User's Manual                                KROSS(1)

NAME kross - KDE application to run kross scripts.
SYNOPSIS kross [--help] [Generic-options] [Qt-options] [KDE-options] [file ...]
DESCRIPTION kross executes kross scripts written in KDE Javascript, Python, Ruby, Java and Falcon.
GENERIC OPTIONS --author Show author information. --help Show help about options. --help-all Show all options. --help-kde Show KDE specific options. --help-qt Show Qt specific options. --license Show license information. -v--version Show version information
APPLICATION OPTIONS file... The files with the scripts to run.
USAGE kross file runs the script in file after loading the interpreter plugin for the script language (detected by filename suffix). To interpret other languages than KDE Javascript, kdebindings must be installed.
SEE ALSO kdeoptions(7), qtoptions(7), python(1), ruby(1), kjs(1), java(1), falcon(1) Look at for more information and tutorials.
BUGS There are probably tons of bugs. Use[1] to report them.
AUTHOR Sebastian Sauer <> Author.
0.01.01 2008-10-22 KROSS(1)
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refer to kdeoptions(7) | kjs(1) | python2.7(1) | qtoptions(7) | ruby2.3(1)