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Cryptsetup helper to kxc.

KXC-CRYPTSETUP(1)                                                               KXC-CRYPTSETUP(1)

NAME kxc-cryptsetup - Cryptsetup helper to kxc
SYNOPSIS kxc-cryptsetup <NAME>
DESCRIPTION kxc(1) is a client for kxd, a key exchange daemon. kxc-cryptsetup is a convenience wrapper for invoking kxc while taking the options from the files in /etc/kxc/. It can be used as a cryptsetup keyscript, to automatically get keys to open encrypted devices with kxc.
OPTIONS Its only command-line argument is a descriptive name, which will be used to find the con‐ figuration files.
FILES For a given NAME that is passed as the only command-line argument, the following files are needed: /etc/kxc/NAME.key.pem Private key to use. /etc/kxc/NAME.cert.pem Certificate to use. Must match the given key. /etc/kxc/NAME.server_cert.pem Server certificate, used to validate the server. /etc/kxc/NAME.url Contains the URL to the key; usually in the form of kxd://server/name.
SEE ALSO kxc(1), kxd(1), crypttab(5), cryptsetup(8).
BUGS If you want to report bugs, or have any questions or comments, just let me know. For more information, you can go to
AUTHOR Alberto Bertogli <>
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kxc-cryptsetup(1) referred by kxc(1) | kxd(1)
refer to cryptsetup(8) | crypttab(5) | kxc(1) | kxd(1)