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Introduction to Local Area Multicomputer (LAM).

July, 2007


LAM - introduction to Local Area Multicomputer (LAM)


LAM is an MPI programming environment and development system for a message-passing paral‐ lel machine constituted with heterogeneous UNIX computers on a network. With LAM, a dedi‐ cated cluster or an existing network computing infrastructure can act as one parallel com‐ puter solving one compute-intensive problem. LAM emphasizes productivity in the applica‐ tion development cycle with extensive control and monitoring functionality. The user can easily debug the common errors in parallel programming and is well equipped to diagnose more difficult problems. LAM features a full implementation of the MPI communication standard, with the exception that the MPI_CANCEL function will not properly cancel messages that have been sent. User Information Users are strongly encouraged to read the LAM/MPI User's Guide that is included with the LAM/MPI distribution, and is provided on the main LAM/MPI web site (http://www.lam- Up-to-Date Information The LAM home page can be found on the World Wide Web at: It should be consulted for the most current information about LAM, as well as updates, patches, etc.


Overview of Commands and Libraries introu(1), introc(2), INTROF(2) System Services Interface (SSI) lamssi(7), lamssi_boot(7), lamssi_coll(7), lamssi_rpi(7) Starting / Stopping LAM recon(1), lamboot(1), lamhalt(1), lamnodes(1), lamwipe(1), tping(1), lamgrow(1), lamshrink(1) Compiling MPI Applications mpicc(1), mpiCC(1), mpif77(1) Running MPI Applications mpirun(1), lamclean(1) Running Non-MPI Applications lamexec(1) Monitoring MPI Applications mpitask(1) Unloading MPI Trace Data lamtrace(1) Reference Documents "LAM/MPI Installation Guide" included in the LAM/MPI distribution and available on "LAM/MPI User's Guide" included in the LAM/MPI distribution and available on "LAM Frequently Asked Questions" at "MPI Primer / Developing with LAM", Ohio Supercomputer Center "MPI: A Message-Passing Interface Standard", Message-Passing Interface Forum, version 1.1 at "MPI-2: Extensions to the Message Passing Interface", Message Passing Interface Forum, version 2.0 at MPI Quick Tutorials "LAM/MPI ND User Guide / Introduction" at "MPI: It's Easy to Get Started" "MPI: Everyday Datatypes" "MPI: Everyday Collective Communication" Guaranteed Envelope Resources "Robust MPI Message Delivery Through Guaranteed Resources", MPI Developer's Conference, 1995
LAM 7.1.4 July, 2007 LAM(7)
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