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Real-time NorduGrid monitoring tool.

ldap-monitor(7) NorduGrid Toolkit ldap-monitor(7)


ldap-monitor - Real-time NorduGrid monitoring tool


LDAP Grid Monitor is a set of PHP and Java scripts, providing a Web interface to the Nor‐ duGrid Information System. Should be working for any similar LDAP based service.


LDAP library e.g., GD library PHP4 library, must be compiled with LDAP and GD extensions HTTP server must be compiled with PHP4 Globus MDS, or a similar LDAP based service Virtual Organisation Is optional


Copy all the files in a folder, accessible by the HTTP server. Modify according to your MDS structure and liking. Run the whole stuff by loading loadmon.php into your favorite browser.


loadmon.php To monitor several servers at once, add hosts and DNs to the $arrhost and, corre‐ spondingly, $arrbdn arrays in loadmon.php Making output more human-readable: modify,, Otherwise, these files are not needed. To prevent sites from being polled, modify array entries in Other‐ wise, the file is not needed. vo-users.php Not needed when working without a Virtual Organisation. In such a case, remove the corresponding link from loadmon.php . jobstat.php When working without the NorduGrid Information System: to make sure that the job status is defined properly, edit jobstat.php (look for adjustment instructions in the code).


Oxana Smirnova <oxana dot smirnova at quark dot lu dot se>


ngsub(1), ngstat(1), ngdel(1), ngget(1), ngsync(1), ngcopy(1), ngremove(1)
NorduGrid 5.4.2 2003-03-03 ldap-monitor(7)
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