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Converter Tool for original Panzer General® Data Files.

October 07, 2012
LGC-PG(1) General Commands Manual LGC-PG(1)


lgc-pg - Converter Tool for original Panzer General® Data Files


lgc-pg [-s SOURCE] [-d DEST] [--defpal] [--custom] [-n NAME] [-i ID] [-t TACICONS]


LGC-PG is a simple tool to convert the original Panzer General® Data into LGeneral Data Files. It requires a graphical desktop environment for the conversion.


-s You always need to specify the source directory (which contains the original data or a custom scenario). -d This specifies the destination path that contains the LGeneral data struct. (usu‐ ally /usr/share/games/lgeneral) --defpal This one is optional and forces all PG graphics to use the default palette. Usually you won't need this but if a custom scenario you converted offers some strange graphics it might be due to a corrupted palette and the default one may provide better results. --custom If you convert a custom scenario you should add this and the following options. -n This is the scenario's file name and default title. -i <ID> This is the <ID> in the source file name (game<ID>.scn). If you do not specify an ID the default is O. -t <TACICONS> If custom tactical icons are involved (scenario offers a TACICONS.SHP)this is the name of the graphical file. If this option is not provided it defaults to <NAME>.bmp.


1) Converts all data from CD-ROM lgc-pg -s /mnt/windows/DAT -d /usr/share/games/lgeneral 2) Converts a custom scenario lgc-pg -s /home/jones/newstuff/dunk -d /usr/share/games/lgeneral --custom -n Dunkirk -i 44
October 07, 2012 LGC-PG(1)
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