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Administer or query a game host server.

June 2014


lordsawar-game-host-client - administer or query a game host server


lordsawar-game-host-client [OPTION...] HOST


A command-line tool to manage a LordsAWar! game host server located at HOST. Start host‐ ing new games, stop hosting games, or ask it for a list of hosted games. -p, --profile ID Use this identity to make requests to the remote server. The ID looks like a guid. -h, --host FILE Ask the server to host a new game. This command uploads FILE to the remote server begins a new game with it. FILE is .map scenario file. -u, --unhost ID Ask the server to stop hosting a game. The ID looks like a guid. -p, --port NUMBER Connect to the remote server on the given port. -t, --terminate Ask the server to stop. The games continue to be hosted, but our ability to con‐ trol them (or host new games), goes away until the server starts back up. -r, --reload Ask the server to reload it's list of hosted games from disk. -l, --list Ask the server to show a list of games it is hosting. -?, --help Give this help list. When --profile is not specified, the first profile in profiles.xml is used by default. When a --port is not specified, port 22998 is assumed. When HOST is not specified on the command-line, is assumed.


~/.lordsawarrc The configuration file. ~/.lordsawar/profiles.xml The data file representing the list of profiles.


Report bugs to <>.
lordsawar 0.3.0 June 2014 LORDSAWAR-GAME-HOST-CLIENT(6)
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