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Configuration file for lsmbox.

Apr 16, 2006
LSMBOXRC(5) File Formats Manual LSMBOXRC(5)


lsmboxrc - configuration file for lsmbox


A lsmbox configuration file consists of a list of configuration options and their setting. The hash mark ("#") is used as a "comment" character. Every line beginning with a comment character is ignored. Whitespace is also ignored.


set variable=value Set a configuration variable to the specified value. unset variable Unset a configuration variable. This implies that the built-in default will be used instead. mailboxes filename... Specifies what mailboxes to check. You can have one or several of these lines. Each line can contain the name of one or more mailboxes, each separated by a space. A filename of ! denotes your inbox. A leading ("=") or ("+") in a filename will be expanded into the path to your mail-directory.


folder The path to your mail-directory; this is usually $HOME/Mail/. lsmbox_mail_command Specifies what command to execute when the user selects a mailbox in continuous mode. mark_old Specifies whether or not old unread messages and new messages should be accounted separately. If you explicitly unset this variable using the unset command, the number of new and old messages will be added together as unread messages, otherwise they will be accounted as new and old respectively. mh_seq_unseen Specifies the string used in the .mh_sequences file to list new/old unread mes‐ sages. If this variable is not set, or explicitly unset, "unseen" will be used. spoolfile The path to where the system keeps your inbox; usually /var/mail/USERNAME or /var/spool/mail/USERNAME. lsmbox_padding The width of the mailbox column. To never add additional padding beyond what's needed to align all values, specify '0' here.


You cannot specify a path or mailbox that contains whitespace characters (space, newline, etc.) Do not bug me about this. Having such filenames/pathnames is stupid anyway. I've deliberately tried to use the same syntax as mutt uses for its configuration-file muttrc whenever possible, to facilitate sourcing of $HOME/.lsmboxrc from your $HOME/.mut‐ trc. lsmbox_mail_command will, however, cause mutt to emit an error.


lsmbox(1), muttrc(5)


Apr 16 2006: Updated for v2.1.0 of lsmbox. Apr 16 2004: Updated for v2.0.0 of lsmbox. Mar 13 2004: Updated for v1.9.0 of lsmbox. Jan 16 2003: Minor fixes. Jan 06 2003: Minor fixes. Dec 09 2002: Minor fixes. Nov 15 2002: Updated for v1.6.0 of lsmbox. Nov 13 2002: Add note about '+' and '='. Nov 06 2002: Minor changes. Nov 04 2002: Minor change. Oct 29 2002: Fixed a typo. Oct 28 2002: Fixed a typo. Oct 26 2002: Updated for v1.1.0 of lsmbox. Oct 26 2002: Updated for v1.0.1 of lsmbox. Oct 21 2002: Initial release.


lsmbox and its manual-pages are written by David Weinehall <>


Report bugs to <>.
Copyright © 2002-2006 David Weinehall This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.
David Weinehall Apr 16, 2006 LSMBOXRC(5)
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