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Build an LTSP client system for use with the LTSP server.

February 2018
LTSP-BUILD-CLIENT(8) System Administration Utilities LTSP-BUILD-CLIENT(8)


ltsp-build-client - build an LTSP client system for use with the LTSP server


LTSP Build Client usage: ltsp-build-client <options>


Regular options: --dist set the distribution to be used for install, defaults to running distribution --extra-help display help for all available commandline options --help display this help message --mint-dist set the linuxmint distribution to be used for install, defaults to running distri‐ bution --mirror set the mirror location --version output version information and exit Advanced options: --accept-unsigned-packages allow unsigned packages during install --apt-keys include the listed keys in the apt keyring --arch set the target architecture --base set the default base install directory --chroot set the name of the chroot --components set the components to be used in mirror --config load a user specific configuration file --copy-package-cache cache downloaded packages --copy-package-lists copy apt Packages files from server --copy-sourceslist use the servers sources.list instead of generating one --debconf-seeds load debconf seeding in the chroot after install --debootstrap-keyring use the specified keyring for debootstrap gpg verification --debug enable debug support --early-mirror add a mirror, which takes priority over the default mirror --early-packages set the list of packages to install after base-install is completed --enable-popcon enable popularity-contest in the chroot --exclude exclude packages from the initial chroot --extra-mirror add a mirror, with lower priority than the default mirror --fat-client run most or all applications locally --fat-client-desktop run most or all applications locally --http-proxy use specified http proxy --install-debs-dir install to the chroot all the .deb files contained in the provided directory --keep-packages keep cache of downloaded package files --kiosk a simple webkiosk mode --late-packages list of packages to install as part of the final installation --locale set the default locale --ltsp-cluster enable LTSP-Cluster --mount-package-cache mount package cache dir from server --mount-package-dir mount a server directory as the chroot package cache dir --no-guess-proxy do not autodetect apt proxy configuration --pin-dist distribution to set up apt pinning --pin-packages list of packages to install from the pinned distribution --prompt-rootpass prompt to set the root password, defaults to disabled --purge-chroot purge existing LTSP chroot if present --security-mirror set the security mirror location --serial-console enable serial console --skip-upgrade skip upgrade of installed packages --skipimage force to skip the squashfs build (for debian-installer) --updates-mirror set the update mirror location


Part of the ltsp package and the latest versions are available in source form from


/etc/ltsp/<tool>.conf: Upon execution the tool will read a configuration file to override built-in defaults. Values are NAME="VALUE" pairs, with # representing commented lines. most commandline options have an equivalent. an example Debian based system with an alternate base loca‐ tion, architecture, and distribution: # set alternate default location for ltsp chroot (--base) BASE="/srv/ltsp" # build an amd64 chroot by default (--arch) ARCH="amd64" # build a Debian sid environment (--dist) DIST="sid" /etc/ltsp/ltsp-server.conf: Each LTSP server tool will read a generic configuration file. This file is typically used for setting BASE, TFTP_DIRS and TFTP_BOOT_DIR. These settings are overwritten by those set in specific tool configs.


Autogenerated from the script source code with help2man. Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 or any later version.


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ltsp-update-sshkeys(8), ltsp-update-kernels(8)
ltsp-build-client 5.5.10-1build1 February 2018 LTSP-BUILD-CLIENT(8)
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