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12 Jan 2011
mdbFontset(5) The m17n Library mdbFontset(5)


mdbFontset - Fontset


The m17n library loads a fontset definition from the m17n database by the tags <fontset, FONTSET-NAME>. The plist format of the data is as follows: FONTSET ::= PER-SCRIPT * PER-CHARSET * FALLBACK * PER-SCRIPT ::= '(' SCRIPT PER-LANGUAGE + ')' PER-LANGUAGE ::= '(' LANGUAGE FONT-SPEC-ELEMENT + ')' PER-CHARSET ::= '(' CHARSET FONT-SPEC-ELEMENT + ')' FALLBACK ::= FONT-SPEC-ELEMENT FONT-SPEC-ELEMENT ::= '(' FONT-SPEC [ FLT-NAME ] ')' FONT-SPEC ::= '(' [ FOUNDRY FAMILY [ WEIGHT [ STYLE [ STRETCH [ ADSTYLE ]]]]] REGISTRY [ OTF-SPEC ] [ LANG-SPEC ] ')' SCRIPT is a symbol of script name (e.g. latin, han) or nil. LANGUAGE is a two-letter symbol of language name code defined by ISO 639 (e.g. ja, zh) or nil. FONT-SPEC is to specify properties of a font. FOUNDRY to REGISTRY are symbols corresponding to Mfoundry to Mregistry property of a font. See m17nFont for the meaning of each property. OTF-SPEC is a symbol specifyng the required OTF features. The symbol name has the following syntax. OTF-SPEC-NAME ::= ':otf=' SCRIPT LANGSYS ? GSUB-FEATURES ? GPOS-FEATURES ? SCRIPT ::= SYMBOL LANGSYS ::= '/' SYMBOL GSUB-FEATURES ::= '=' FEATURE-LIST ? GPOS-FEATURES ::= '+' FEATURE-LIST ? FEATURE-LIST ::= '~' ? FEATURE ( ',' '~' ? FEATURE ',' ) Here, FEATURE is a four-letter Open Type feature. LANG-SPEC is a symbol specifying the required language support. The symbol name has the following syntax. LANG-SPEC-NAME ::= ':lang=' LANG Here, LANG is a two or three-letter ISO-639 language code. FLT-NAME is a name of Font Layout Table (Font Layout Table).


This is an example of PER_SCRIPT. (han (ja ((jisx0208.1983-0))) (zh ((gb2312.1980-0))) (nil ((big5-0)))) It instructs the font selector to use a font of registry 'jisx0208.1983-0' for a 'han' character (i.e. a character whose Mscript property is 'han') if the character has Mlanguage text property 'ja' in an M-text and the character is in the repertories of such fonts. Otherwise, try a font of registry 'gb2312.1980-0' or 'big5-0'. If that 'han' character does not have Mlanguage text property, try all three fonts. See the function mdraw_text() for the detail of how a font is selected.
Copyright (C) 2001 Information-technology Promotion Agency (IPA) Copyright (C) 2001-2011 National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License <>.
Version 1.6.2 12 Jan 2011 mdbFontset(5)
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