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Miscellaneous Classes.

Wed Aug 5 2015
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misc - Miscellaneous Classes Classes class SoQt The SoQt class takes care of Qt initialization and event dispatching. This is the 'application-wide' class with solely static methods handling initialization and event processing tasks. You must use this class in any application built on top of the SoQt library. " class SoQtCursor The SoQtCursor class is used to set cursors for GUI components. The class provides both a set of pre-defined cursor shapes, aswell as the option to use custom bitmap graphics. " class SoQtObject The SoQtObject class is the common superclass for all SoQt component classes. The purpose of making this class the superclass of all SoQt device, component and viewer classes is to be able to do run-time type checking of the SoQt objects. "

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