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Run user's custom checks.

Nov 22, 2009
MKC_CHECK_CUSTOM(1)                                                           MKC_CHECK_CUSTOM(1)


mkc_check_custom - run user's custom checks.


mkc_check_custom [-r] sourcefile mkc_check_custom cmd [args...] mkc_check_custom -h


If cmd is executable mkc_check_custom runs cmd args. Otherwise it tries to compile sourcefile and output 1 if compilation succeeded and 0 otherwise. If -r option was applied it runs a compiled program. What type of compiler to use depends on sourcefile extension. '.c' corresponds to ${CC} (C language), '.cc', '.cxx', '.C' and '.cpp' correā€ spond to ${CXX} (C++ language), '.f' -- to ${FC} (Fortran).


-h Display help message. -r Run executable compiled from sourcefile. -p text Prefix of the generated cache file. The default is "custom". -n text Name part of the generated cache file. The default is `basename <sourcefile>`. -m text Message mkc_check_custom outputs. The default is "custom test sourcefile_or_cmd". -s mkc_check_custom outputs an exit status of cmd args. -d Delete cache files. -e Print 0 if compiler/cmd print something to stderr. -b Print yes/no instead of 1/0.


CC C compiler CXX C++ compiler CARGS Options passed to compiler (CC, CXX or FC) FC Fortran compiler CPPFLAGS Preprocessor flags for C and C++ CFLAGS Compilation flags for C CXXFLAGS Compilation flags for C++ FFLAGS Compilation flags for Fortran MKC_VERBOSE If set to 1, verbose messages are output to stderr. MKC_SHOW_CACHED If set to 1 and MKC_VERBOSE is set to 1, cached results are output to stderr. MKC_CACHEDIR Directory where temporary and cache files are created. If unset they are created in a current directory. MKC_NOCACHE All results are cached unless MKC_NOCACHE variable is set to 1. MKC_DELETE_TMPFILES If set to 1, temporary files are removed.


mkc_check_custom alloca_in_stdlib.c mkc_check_custom custom_checks/ mkc_check_custom /full/path/to/yacc_need_liby


Aleksey Cheusov <>
Nov 22, 2009 MKC_CHECK_CUSTOM(1)
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