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Detects presense of function in a library.

Mar 15, 2009
MKC_CHECK_FUNCLIB(1)                                                         MKC_CHECK_FUNCLIB(1)


mkc_check_funclib - detects presense of function in a library.


mkc_check_funclib <functionname> [libraries...] mkc_check_funclib -h


mkc_check_funclib detects presense of function in a library by compiling and linking a test program. As a result it prints either 1 (true) or 0 (false) to stdout.


-h display help message


CC Compiler. By default cc is used. CPPFLAGS, CFLAGS Options passed to the compiler, for example -I for additional directories that con‐ tain header files. LDFLAGS Options passed to the linker (compiler, set by CC variable), for example, -L/usr/local/lib LDADD Extra libraries, for example, -lm. MKC_VERBOSE If set to 1, verbose messages are output to stderr. MKC_SHOW_CACHED If set to 1 and MKC_VERBOSE is set to 1, cached results are output to stderr. MKC_CACHEDIR Directory where temporary and cache files are created. If unset they are created in a current directory. MKC_NOCACHE All results are cached unless MKC_NOCACHE variable is set to 1. MKC_DELETE_TMPFILES If set to 1, temporary files are removed.


mkc_check_funclib dlopen dl mkc_check_funclib dlopen mkc_check_funclib strlcpy mkc_check_funclib select socket


Aleksey Cheusov <>
Mar 15, 2009 MKC_CHECK_FUNCLIB(1)
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