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Mblaze message argument syntax.

July 22, 2016
MMSG(7) BSD Miscellaneous Information Manual MMSG(7)


mmsg — mblaze message argument syntax


This document outlines the message syntax used by many of the utilities in the mblaze(7) message system. In general, you can always specify a filename as a message, if it contains a ‘/’ character. (Use ‘./’ to prefix messages in the current directory.) You can also specify a maildir folder, which will be expanded to all messages in the cur/ directory. Ranges have the format ‘start:stop’, where start and stop are one-based indexes into the sequence. Negative numbers count from the end. If start is the empty string, 1 will be used instead. If stop is the empty string, -1 will be used instead. Thus, ‘:’ represents the whole sequence. If the range does not contain a ‘:’, it is considered to be a single message, equivalent to the range ‘start:start’ of size one. The special notation ‘start:+n’, selects start and the next n messages. If the sequence is threaded, the following syntax may be used: ‘msg=’ refers to the whole thread that contains msg. ‘msg^’ refers to the parent of the message msg and may be repeated to refer to grandparents. ‘msg_’ refers to the subthread headed by msg (i.e. all messages below msg, with more indentation). The following special shortcuts may be used: ‘.’ refers to the current message. Additionally, the syntax ‘.+N’ and ‘.-N’ can be used to refer to messages relative to the current message. ‘+’ refers to the next message (like ‘.+1’) ‘-’ refers to the previous message (like ‘.-1’) ‘$’ refers to the last message (like ‘-1’) ‘^’ refers to the current parent message (like ‘.^’) ‘=’ refers to the current thread (like ‘.=’) ‘_’ refers to the current subthread (like ‘._’)




Leah Neukirchen <>
BSD July 22, 2016 BSD
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