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Simple modeline to fb.modes translator.

modeline2fb(1)                       Linux frame buffer utils                      modeline2fb(1)

NAME modeline2fb - simple modeline to fb.modes translator
DESCRIPTION Modeline2fb is a simple Perl script that converts XF86Config-style modelines to options suitable for a fb.modes file. Note that only one option can be successfully enabled at any particular time.
OPTIONS -d, --depth depth Use the given display depth (default is 8). -h --help Print out a help screen and exit.
ADVANCED OPTIONS -r --rounding div Sets the vxres divisor (default is 128). -x --vxres X,X,X,... Sets extra vxres values. [FILES] refers to one or more XF86Config files. Note that all modelines must be in sin‐ gle-line format. If no files are given on the command line, this program reads from stan‐ dard in. This program will also write to standard out.
EXAMPLE modeline2fb -d 16 /etc/X11/XF86Config
SEE ALSO fb.modes(5), XF86Config(5)
AUTHOR This manual page is a quick write-up for Debian done by Kevin Kreamer <kkreamer@ether‐>.
2.1 2006-01-18 modeline2fb(1)
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