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Server-side helper for mosh.

October 2012
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mosh-server - server-side helper for mosh


mosh-server new [-s] [-v] [-i IP] [-p PORT[:PORT2]] [-c COLORS] [-- command...]


mosh-server is a helper program for the mosh(1) remote terminal application. mosh-server binds to a high UDP port and chooses an encryption key to protect the session. It prints both on standard output, detaches from the terminal, and waits for the mosh- client to establish a connection. It will exit if no client has contacted it within 60 seconds. By default, mosh-server binds to a port between 60000 and 61000 and executes the user's login shell. On platforms with utempter, mosh-server maintains an entry in the utmp(5) file to indicate its process ID, whether the session is connected, and the client's current IP address. mosh-server exits when the client terminates the connection.


The argument "new" must be first on the command line to use command-line options. -s bind to the local interface used for an incoming SSH connection, given in the SSH_CONNECTION environment variable (for multihomed hosts) -v Print some debugging information even after detaching. -i IP IP address of the local interface to bind (for multihomed hosts) -p PORT[:PORT2] UDP port number or port-range to bind -c COLORS Number of colors to advertise to applications through TERM (e.g. 8, 256) -l NAME=VALUE Locale-related environment variable to try as part of a fallback environment, if the startup environment does not specify a character set of UTF-8.


$ mosh-server MOSH CONNECT 60001 UAkFedSsVJs2LfMeKyQB5g mosh-server (mosh 1.1) [...] (copyright notice omitted) [mosh-server detached, pid = 20443]


mosh(1), mosh-client(1). Project home page:


mosh was written by Keith Winstein <>.


Please report bugs to Users may also subscribe to the mosh- mailing list, at
October 2012 MOSH(1)
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