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Mpd-sima will try to maintain some titles ahead in the queue following different policies.

MPD-SIMA(1) mpd-sima 0.14.4 User Manual MPD-SIMA(1)


mpd-sima - mpd-sima will try to maintain some titles ahead in the queue following different policies.


mpd-sima [--daemon] [--config=conf_file] [--var-dir=var_directory] [--pid=pid_file] [--log=log_file] [--log-level=log_level] [--host=mpd_host] [--mpd_port=mpd_port] mpd-sima --create-db [--var-dir=var_directory] mpd-sima --generate-config [...] mpd-sima {{-h | --help} --version}


This manual page documents briefly the mpd-sima commands. At start up default configuration is first overridden by user configuration in mpd_sima.cfg (see the section called “FILES”) and finally command lines options are honored. For instance you can override default MPD_HOST set in defaults (localhost) or in your configuration file with -S my_mpd_server option. For default configuration see the section called “CONFIGURATION”. See also environment variables special case for MPD host and port in the section called “ENVIRONMENT”.


Launch as a system service (dæmon). Here follows an example on how to launch mpd-sima as a service on your system, not attach to regular user configuration/database. mpd-sima --daemon --conf=/etc/mpd_sima.cfg --var-dir=/var/cache/mpd-sima/ --pid=/run/ --log=/var/log/mpd-sima.log Launch in user land Launching mpd-sima from/whithin your user account is easy, you can simply call mpd-sima from your shell or one of the following command: Background execution (dæmonise), log in the specified file, save pid: mpd-sima --daemon --pid=$HOME/var/run/ --log=$HOME/var/log/mpd-sima.log Foreground execution, connect, log to std(out|err): mpd-sima


The program follows the usual GNU command line syntax, with long options starting with two dashes (`-'). A summary of options is included below. -h, --help Print help and exit. --version Print version and exit. --daemon Start as a daemon. Log redirected to /dev/null, usually setting --log and --pid options in daemon mode are a good idea to monitor/stop the process. -p pid_file, --pid=pid_file Use the specific file pid_file to store pid to. Default is not to store pid info. -l log_file, --log=log_file Use the specific file log_file to log messages to. Default is to log to stdout/stderr. -v log_level, --log-level=log_level Verbosity in [debug,info,warning,error]. Default is to log info messages. -c conf_file, --config=conf_file Use the specific file conf_file to set up configuration instead of looking for the default user configuration file. Default is to look for $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/mpd_sima/mpd_sima.cfg. CLI option overrides any equivalent mentioned in configuration file, ie. launching mpd-sima with '--port' CLI option will ignore port setting in configuration file. For more details on configuration file cf. mpd_sima.cfg(5), see also the section called “FILES”. --var-dir=var_directory Use the specific path var_directory to look for (or create) var files (ie. database) instead of looking at the default user data location. Default is to look in $XDG_DATA_HOME/mpd_sima/. Concerning $XDG_DATA_HOME see also the section called “FILES” --generate-config Generate a sample configuration file according to the current configuration. You can put other options with this one to get them in the generated configuration. --create-db Create the database and exit. Uses folder specified with --var-dir or default directory. Default is to use $XDG_DATA_HOME/mpd_sima/. Concerning $XDG_DATA_HOME see also the section called “FILES” -S mpd_host, --host=mpd_host Use the specific host mpd_host as MPD server. mpd_host can be an IP or a fully qualified domain name as long as your system can resolve it. This overrides MPD_HOST environment variable. Default is localhost. See also the section called “ENVIRONMENT”. -P mpd_port, --port=mpd_port Use the specific port number mpd_port on MPD server. This overrides MPD_PORT environment variable. Default is 6600. See also the section called “ENVIRONMENT”


${XDG_CONFIG_HOME}/mpd_sima/mpd_sima.cfg Configuration file. ${XDG_DATA_HOME}/mpd_sima/sima.db SQLite DB file. ${XDG_DATA_HOME}/mpd_sima/WEB_SERVICE/ Persistent http cache. Usually XDG_DATA_HOME is set to ${HOME}/.local/share and XDG_CONFIG_HOME to ${HOME}/.config. You may override them using command line option --var-dir and --config (cf. mpd-sima(1))


MPD_HOST, MPD_PORT mpd-sima will look for MPD_HOST and MPD_PORT to override built-in configuration (set to "localhost:6600"). mpd-sima expects MPD_HOST syntax as documented in mpc manual, cf. mpc(1). To use a password, provide a value of the form "password@host". HTTP_PROXY, HTTPS_PROXY mpd-sima honors HTTP_PROXY environment variables.


mpd_sima.cfg mpd_sima.cfg is read if present. Otherwise built-in defaults are used. An example should be provided in the tarball within doc/examples/. On Debian system please look in /usr/share/doc/mpd-sima. DEFAULTS Default is to look for MPD server at localhost:6600 (or MPD_HOST/MPD_PORT env. var. if set). The get the defaults as detected by mpd-sima on your system you can run mpd-sima to print the config: mpd-sima --generate-config For details about mpd_sima.cfg refer to the manual mpd_sima.cfg(5) FEEDBACK/BUGS The maintainer would be more than happy to ear from you, don't hesitate to send feedback, XMPP users are welcome to join the dedicated chat room at


mpc(1), mpd(1) /usr/share/doc/mpd-sima/


Jack Kaliko <> Wrote this man page and is currently leading MPD_sima project.
Copyright © 2009-2017 Jack Kaliko This manual page was written for the Debian system (and may be used by others). Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU General Public License, Version 3 published by the Free Software Foundation. On Debian systems, the complete text of the GNU General Public License can be found in /usr/share/common-licenses/GPL.
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